Powerful Features To Create High Converting Quiz Funnels

Everything you need to create engaging quizzes and forms to boost online sales

The Simplest Quiz Funnel No-Code Editor

You can craft captivating interactive quizzes and forms without the headaches of coding.

Our easy-to-use page editor makes it easy to customize your quiz to match your brand's aesthetics. 

No need to hire expensive developers to create high converting quizzes. 

convertlyio quiz funnel editor

Embed & Pop-Up Quizzes

Share your projects on your website as customizable embeds or pop-ups, complete with tailored trigger events.

Logic Jumps/Skip Logic

Let your users skip questions that aren't relevant or request more details, all done automatically. You can craft customized paths through your questions with ease.

Multiple Outcomes

Once size doesn't fit all. Guide users to different final pages based on on answers they select throughout the quiz. 

Multi-Page Layout

You can seamlessly design individualized customer experiences that guide users through a series of pages, helping you achieve higher quality leads that convert into sales.

Instant Email Notifications

Get an email each time a new lead was successfully submitted

Device Previews

See how your content appears and ensure it looks fantastic on various device screen sizes, from desktop computers to mobile phones. 

Custom URL Redirect

Set up custom redirects to smoothly direct users to your external links once they finish navigating through the quiz funnel.

Convertlyio Hosted URL

No website? Our auto-generated URLs are hosted on our servers. Easily promote your quiz on your website, through email campaigns. or paid ads.

Answer Piping

Leverage this dynamic tool to tailor your follow-up questions based on the quiz taker's previous responses and chosen data.

Customize look and feel to match your brand

Tailor your quiz appearance to harmonize with your brand.

Adjust fonts, colors, and more to ensure your content seamlessly aligns with your brand's unique style.

Custom Colors and Styles

Customize your quiz funnel appearance with colors and styles. Adjust text and content element colors, fine-tune highlights and backgrounds, and select border size and corner roundness to match your unique design preferences.

Powerful Widgets

Custom form fields

You can customize form fields to collect any type of data you need with custom labeling. 


Add images to your design to bring it to life and enhance user experience/

Multiple Answer Options

Allow users to choose single or multiple answers, require selections, define and correct responses.

Image Choices

Add images to each as answer options to enhance your quiz funnel design.

Custom Buttons

Configure buttons to navigate to the next or previous page, redirect to a custom URL, jump to a specific page or restart the project.

Rich Text

Add comprehensive text blocks to pages and tailor them with a wide range of conventional editing options.

Date & Time Selection

Empower users to pick specific dates and times, making it perfect for scheduling appointments, and prospective client meetings.

Opt-in Confirmation

Link it to a particular URL or a custom popup. Automatically send data to specific integrations when selected.

Embed Video

Simply paste a URL from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or your self-hosted video file to embed a video player.

Social Media Links

Easily link to your social media profiles of the most popular online services.

Score Display

You can choose to display either the number of correctly answered questions or the overall score, whichever suits your content best.

Textarea Input

Give your users ample space to express themselves. Offer a larger input field, perfect for longer responses and comments.

Better Data = Better Conversions

Track Key Metrics

Monitor key performance indicators such as visits, submissions, completion rates, average time, and scores. Delve deep into project-specific data.

Comprehensive Response Data

Dive into the responses of each submission. Organize them by questions answered, sort them, and delete as needed.

Export Data in CSV & XLS

Export your data in CSV format, which includes essential metrics and personal information, or choose XLS for the complete dataset.

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