The Quiz Funnel Software For Insurance Lead Generation

Convertlyio makes it easy to create high-converting insurance lead generation quizzes, so you can get relevant warm leads and increase your sales

quiz funnel software for insurance quiz lead generation
  • Grow your revenue
  • Qualify insurance leads that are ready to convert
  • Recommend the right services & products to prospects

Heres what you can do with Convertlyio

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Build a High Converting Insurance Quiz Funnel

With Convertlyio, you can craft lead generation quizzes that not only secure leads but also deliver personalized policy suggestions and coverage advice has never been more accessible. 

Direct your prospects through a series of engaging questions, leading them to the insurance outcomes that suit their unique lifestyle and needs.

This way, you're not just gathering leads, you're creating comprehensive client profiles that enhance your marketing efforts and sales strategies.

Branded Quiz Funnels

Personalize with your firm's colors, choose fonts that speak to your professionalism, and select images that resonate with your clientele.

This degree of customization guarantees a consistent brand experience. When prospects click "Take the Quiz," they'll be met with the familiar look and feel of your insurance firm, reinforcing their trust in your expertise.

Your brand integrity remains intact, from the first question to the final policy recommendation.

branded quiz funnel

Embed Your Insurance Quiz Where It's Most Effective

Whether you're showcasing on the homepage to make an immediate impact, detailing policy options on service pages, or providing valuable insights on your blog, you have the freedom to choose.

Design your quiz to align with the different stages of the insurance buyer's journey and place it precisely where it will have the most significant effect.

Our tool ensures a smooth integration process, so your prospects can start their personalized insurance evaluation wherever they are on your site

Conditional paths & outcomes

You can now create quiz funnels with conditional paths that adapt to each respondent's needs, mirroring the nuanced approach you take in real-life consultations.

Implement logic jumps that lead clients to the insurance products that fit their life situation based on their quiz answers, ensuring a custom-tailored journey.

Whether they need family coverage, auto insurance, or business policies, your quiz becomes the path to their ideal solution.

Assign weight to each answer, crafting a scoring system that mirrors your expertise in assessing client needs. 

Present the outcomes with professionalism at the end of the quiz, and observe as your leads are automatically segmented and pre-qualified. 

skip logic in quiz funnel

Connect & send insurance lead data to over 6,000+ apps with Zapier 

Send quiz lead data directly to the most crucial tools in your arsenal.

From CRMs that help you manage client relationships to ESPs that empower your email campaigns, and productivity tools that streamline every aspect of your operations.

As your leads move through the funnel, watch their information flow smoothly between platforms, ensuring that every team, from marketing to customer service, operates in harmony.

Ready to get more highly qualified insurance leads?