Boost Your Workout & Diet Plan Sales With AI-Powered Quiz Funnels

Get Higher Conversation Rates and Sales For The Same Traffic.

  • Drive higher conversions by matching clients with the right nutrition and workout plans.
  • Boost larger purchases by showcasing tailored custom plan recommendations.
  • Build customer loyalty by offering personalized plans to help them achieve success.
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One Diet or Workout Plan For All Doesn't Work

When it comes to diet and workout plans, one size does not fit all.

Convertlyio steps in to fill this void with its innovative tech for custom-tailored diet plan recommendations.

This enables you to offer pinpointed suggestions perfectly suited to individual needs, be it for fitness, wellness, or targeted health objectives.

Each recommendation is crafted to reflect the uniqueness of your customer. Shift from the generic to the personalized.

Convertlyio empowers you to provide guidance that aligns seamlessly with each customer's unique health path, dietary needs, and lifestyle.

Quiz Funnels That Matches Your Unique Brand

In the health and fitness industry, your brand represents more than just a name; it's a symbol of trust and quality.

Our customizable quiz funnels are crafted to seamlessly integrate with your brand identity, offering a unified and captivating experience for your customers.

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Embed Your Quiz Funnel Anywhere

Seamlessly embed your quiz across your website, blog, or landing pages with ease.

Convertlyio is versatile, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience across various platforms.

In just a few simple clicks, you can integrate a quiz that perfectly matches your brand's aesthetic.

This straightforward process adds an interactive, personalized touch to your site, promoting extended visits and enhanced user engagement.

Personalized Outcomes

Match up quiz answers to customized outcomes, showing off just how well you get your customer's diet and workout needs. It's like making your own secret recipe for scoring, nailing the perfect diet and workout plan for each client.

Serve up those final outcome at the end of your quiz with a bit of flair and pinpoint accuracy. This way, every piece of advice you give fits right in with their health targets and what they like to eat.

Totally tailor-made for each client.

Sync Your Lead Data Across 6,000+ Apps with Zapier Integration

Hook up with over 6,000+ apps through Zapier and take your form data wherever it's needed most.

Zapier makes it a breeze to connect Convertlyio to all your go-to apps, creating an unbeatable duo.

Link up your quiz funnels with other key apps in your arsenal, be it CRMs or ESPs.

Sit back and watch as your lead info syncs up smoothly, turning your marketing, sales, customer support into an automated, super-efficient machine.

Start growing your diet and workout plan sales with quiz funnels