7 Involve.me Alternatives To Generate High Converting Leads

December 6, 2023

Involve.me Alternatives For High Converting Leads

If you’ve been using Involve.me, you know it’s a pretty good platform for creating interactive content that engages and converts. 

But, what if I told you there are Involve.me alternatives out there waiting to be discovered?

Having the right tools in your arsenal is like having a secret weapon. It’s not just about generating leads, it’s about generating high-quality leads that are more likely to convert. 

That’s where these Involve.me alternatives come into play.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a digital marketing guru, or someone just starting out, it’s very important to stay updated with the best tools available. 

7 Involve.me Alternatives For Generating Super Hot Leads

1. Convertlyio

involve.me alternative

If your main goal is lead generation, this is a solid pick. 

This very simple and minimalist AI-driven software pulls in leads that don’t just fill your funnel, they help grow your revenue.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, crafting a high-converting quiz funnel is a walk in the park with Convertlyio. 

This tool is a gem for anyone in the service industry, be it online or offline.

Digital marketers, local service businesses, online coaches, and even social media influencers are leveraging Convertlyio to snatch up hot leads and gain insights that fuel sales growth.

Key Features

AI-Powered Quiz Creation

Building a quiz funnel usually means hours of question research and alignment with your goals. Convertlyio’s AI simplifies this, enabling you to spin up an effective lead magnet in mere minutes.

User-Friendly Interface

The intuitive design of Convertlyio’s quiz editor makes quiz crafting as easy as pie. 

No need for tech expertise or coding know-how. Just point, click, and add elements to bring your quiz to life. 

Branding Freedom with Any Paid Plan

Unlike many platforms, Convertlyio ditches its branding as soon as you opt for any paid plan. 

It’s your quiz, infused with your brand’s essence.

Skip Logic

This ensures that your quizzes are never one-size-fits-all. 

Tailor the experience for every user, making each question relevant to their journey. 

This isn’t just a quiz, it’s an engaging, dynamic interaction that captivates your audience, keeping them hooked from start to finish.

Skip Logic is more than a feature, it’s a game-changer in the art of lead generation. Now you can create quiz funnels that are not just smart, but also intuitive and responsive. 

Customized User Outcomes

Each quiz participant is unique, and Convertlyio knows that. It lets you tailor outcomes based on individual responses, offering a journey that feels bespoke. 

This personalized touch can massively increase lead quality and engagement.

Broad Integration Capabilities

With the ability to link up with over 6,000 apps via Zapier, Convertlyio ensures your quiz data doesn’t just sit idle. 

Whether it’s your CRM, email platform, or other productivity tools, this integration keeps your workflow seamless.

Embedding Options

Convertlyio adapts to your needs, allowing easy embedding of quizzes on any part of your site from the landing page to blog posts.

Rapid Deployment of New Features

Convertlyio ships new features at a fast pace. This commitment to rapid innovation ensures that users always have access to the latest and most effective tools to enhance their lead generation efforts. 

Very Affordable With Access To All Features

Budget constraints can often be a hurdle for businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones. 

Convertlyio addresses this by offering a more affordable solution without compromising on quality or features. 

This cost-effectiveness makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to maximize their investment in lead generation tools. 

You get all the premium features, robust AI capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

User-Centric Development Approach

One of Convertlyio’s core philosophies is listening to its users. 

By paying close attention to user feedback and suggestions, Convertlyio continuously adapts and improves its offerings. 

This user-centric approach means that the features and updates are not just based on market trends but are also a direct response to what actual users need and want. 

It’s like having a tool that evolves with your business, ensuring that your lead generation strategies are always aligned with your current needs.

Exceptional Customer Support

Great products are only half the equation, the other half is the support that comes with them. 

Convertlyio prides itself on providing top-notch customer support. 

Whether you need help setting up your first quiz, integrating the tool with other apps, or understanding your analytics, the Convertlyio team is there to assist. 

This level of support not only solves immediate issues but also enhances the overall user experience, making it more likely that you’ll see success in your lead generation efforts.


Start with Convertlyio for free plan allows up to 15 responses per month. When you’re ready to go live, there are 3 main pricing tiers beginning at $29 per month, each crafted to suit different business sizes and needs.

2. Zoho Survey

Zoho is great for running surveys and you get many types of questions to choose from, and features like skip logic and piping to make your survey smooth and tailored. 

You can also make it look nice with customizable themes that match your style​​.

Making a survey with Zoho Survey is super quick and easy. Plus, once you’ve got your survey ready, sharing it is a breeze. 

Zoho Survey works great on mobile devices, so people can take your survey from wherever they are​​. 

If you’re worried about not having enough people to take your survey, Zoho Survey helps you out by finding folks based on the demographics you want​​.

So, if you need to make surveys for anything, Zoho Survey seems like a solid option to check out.

3. Qualifio

They give you two main tools to engage with your audience. First up is Qualifio Engage. 

It’s all about grabbing attention and data through fun stuff like quizzes, games, polls, and contests. 

Then there’s Qualifio Loyalty. 

This one’s for keeping folks around longer. It rewards and segments your audience with programs that are about more than just buying stuff. It’s about building lasting connections​​.

You can make your own unique loyalty programs and pick from loads of interactive formats. It plays nice with other tools you’re using, so no worries about data getting stuck in one place. 

4. Forms.app

You can whip up good-looking forms fast, like contact forms, registration forms, or even order forms, and you don’t have to be a tech pro to do it​​.

Once your form is ready, you can share it anywhere with a unique link, or even slot it into your website. And hey, you can control who sees your form with privacy settings​​.

You can check out responses in different formats like a spreadsheet or inbox, and there’s also an advanced analytics section to give you the lowdown on your data​​. 

They’ve got over many types of form fields, so you can collect the info you need in a way that works for you​​. 

Plus, you can hook up forms.app with other tools you use, making your workflow smoother and more automated​​.

5. Alchemer 

A great survey tool that’s all about helping you get the feedback you need, whether it’s from customers, employees, or any other group. 

The thing about Alchemer is how flexible and user-friendly it is. It lets you create surveys that really fit what you’re looking for, with lots of customization options. 

This means you can make your surveys match your brand and style, and ask exactly the questions you want.

Another neat feature of Alchemer is its ability to integrate with other tools and platforms. This makes it easier to work with the data you collect, whether you’re analyzing it, sharing it with your team, or using it to make better business decisions. 

Alchemer is a great choice if you’re looking for a survey tool that’s adaptable, easy to use, and reliable in handling and protecting your data. 

6. Formstack

It’s great for automating your workflows to save you time and make things smoother. 

With Formstack, you can create workflows without needing to be a coding genius. 

It’s all about drag-and-drop ease, letting you set up online forms to collect data, payments, leads, and so much more without any tech headaches​​​​. 

They’ve also got this neat document generator that helps you create professional-looking documents easily, and a way to collect eSignatures on any device to cut down on all that paper shuffling​​​​.

If you’re using Salesforce, Formstack fits right in, turning your Salesforce setup into a powerhouse for forms, documents, and eSign workflows​​. 

Plus, it plays nice with a bunch of other web apps you might be using, so you can hook it up and automate even more of your work​​.

Formstack is like this super handy tool that helps you automate a bunch of stuff without needing to be a tech whiz. 

7. Pandasuite

With this you can create apps, digital publications, and interactive presentations without needing to know any coding​​. 

You can use PandaSuite Studio, which is a visual editor available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. 

It’s pretty simple to use, and you can import your own visuals like icons, images, and videos to make your app look just right. 

They’ve got over 40 interactive components, which means you can add cool stuff like visual effects, 3D elements, and image recognition​​.

One of the best things about PandaSuite is that it’s a cross-platform development platform. 

So, whatever you create can be turned into native apps for iOS, Windows, Android, and even web apps.

The Best Involve.me Alternative For Generating Highly Qualified Leads

When it comes to capturing high-intent leads, Convertlyio stands out as the top choice. 

Its robust features make it the perfect tool for lead generation. 

If your goal is to zero in on leads that are not just numerous but also genuinely interested and likely to convert, Convertlyio is your go-to platform. 

Its intuitive design, AI-powered capabilities, and customization options set it apart, ensuring that your lead generation efforts are both effective and efficient.

If Convertlyio seems like the right fit for you, you can sign up for a free account here.

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