How To Make A Lead Generation Quiz That Explode Sales (3 Easy Steps)

December 4, 2023

How To Make A Lead Generation Quiz Funnel That Explode Sales

If you’re not using a lead generation quiz funnel for your business, you’re leaving money on the table. 

Seriously, it’s like having a gold mine and not bothering to dig! 

These quizzes are the secret sauce to engaging potential customers in a way that feels personal and fun, while also gathering crucial information about them. 

Think of it as a friendly conversation where you get to know your customers better. And the best part? 

It’s ridiculously easy to set up. 

In just 3 simple steps, you can transform your website from a digital brochure into an interactive sales powerhouse. 

So, let’s dive in and explore how a cleverly crafted quiz can skyrocket your sales and make your competitors wish they’d thought of it first.

What Is a Lead Generation Quiz?

A lead generation quiz is a dynamic, interactive tool designed to engage potential customers on your website. 

Instead of filling out a boring form, visitors are greeted with a fun, personalized quiz that piques their curiosity. 

As they answer questions, you’re not just entertaining them, you’re also gathering valuable insights about their preferences, needs, and challenges.

This isn’t your typical trivia quiz. 

Each question is strategically crafted to guide users towards revealing their buying intent and specific interests. 

As users progress, they gradually qualify themselves as leads. 

By the end of the quiz, they’ve not only had an enjoyable experience but have also provided you with the data you need to tailor your sales pitch or marketing message directly to their needs. 

This turns a casual website visit into a potential sales opportunity, making these quizzes a potent tool in any digital marketer’s arsenal.

Why Quiz Funnels Generate High Intent Leads?

Why Quiz Funnels Generate High Intent Leads

Imagine you’re selling eco-friendly skincare products. 

Through a quiz, you ask visitors about their skin type, lifestyle, and preferences. As they click through, they’re not just randomly browsing, they’re actively engaging and sharing specific information about what they want. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, here’s what I need. Can you provide it?” 

That’s gold for any business!

Let’s say you have a real estate website. A quiz could ask visitors about their dream home, budget, and preferred locations. 

Each answer helps you understand their exact needs. By the end, you have a clear picture of what they’re looking for, and they feel heard and understood. 

It’s a win-win. In essence, quiz funnels are like having a friendly, insightful conversation. 

They’re interactive, personal, and, most importantly, effective in filtering out the casual browsers from those who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. 

That’s why they’re great at generating high-intent leads.

The Psychology Behind Why Lead Generation Quizzes Result In More Sales

The science behind this is fascinating, here are some credible studies to back this up

Self-Disclosure (Talking about ourselves) is Rewarding

Harvard neuroscientists discovered that talking about ourselves activates the same pleasure centers in the brain as food and money do. 

This is significant because humans devote 30 to 40% of their speech to discussing their personal experiences. 

When users engage with quizzes, they’re essentially sharing information about themselves, which is inherently gratifying. 

This positive feeling can translate into a more favorable view of your brand, making them more likely to purchase​​.


We as humans love flattery (The Self-Serving Bias)

Psychology tells us that we have a tendency to seek out information that flatters or validates our self-perception. 

Most personality quizzes are designed to reflect positive or neutral traits, which people are more likely to share. 

For instance, a quiz result that suggests someone is “adventurous” or “intelligent” taps into this bias, increasing the likelihood of sharing the result and, by extension, your brand​​.


How Do Lead Generation Quiz Funnels Work?

How Do Lead Generation Quiz Funnels Work

Picture yourself visiting a website that sells watches. 

You come across a quiz titled “What’s your watch personality?”. Intrigued, you click on it. The quiz shows you different styles of watches and asks questions to figure out which style resonates with your personality. 

Are you a classic, minimalist, or a bold trendsetter? The quiz helps you discover that.

Now, switch gears to a health and fitness website. 

Here, you find a quiz called “How fit are you?”. This isn’t about making you feel bad about skipping the gym last week. 

Instead, it’s a friendly guide helping you find the fitness program that matches your current fitness level and goals. 

Are you a beginner, an enthusiast, or practically a gym guru? The quiz clears the fog.

In both cases, after you’ve joyfully clicked through the questions, a form pops up. 

It’s not just any form, it’s the moment where the magic happens. 

The website kindly asks for your email address or any other contact info. You’re curious, you’ve engaged this far, so you enter your contact details.

Here’s where the funnel does its thing. 

As soon as your contact details are entered, you finally get to see your results. This isn’t just a result, it’s a tailored recommendation of products or services that fit your needs like a glove.

And that is how a lead generation quiz funnels cleverly guides a visitor from a casual browser to a potential customer. 

It’s engaging, it’s personal, and most importantly, it’s effective in bridging the gap between curiosity and conversion.

The 12 Types of Lead Generation Quizzes

There are many quiz types for generating leads. You can select the one you think that fits your specific niche or industry.

1. Lifestyle Compatibility Quiz

This type of quiz assesses the compatibility of a product or service with the user’s lifestyle. 

For example, a home decor website might feature a quiz like “What’s your interior design style?” or a fitness coach might ask, “What’s your ideal workout routine?”. 

These quizzes are great for personalizing product suggestions based on lifestyle choices and preferences.

2. Journey Mapping Quiz

Here, the quiz takes the user on a hypothetical journey to help them visualize a potential future or outcome. 

For instance, a financial planning website might use a quiz titled “What will your retirement look like?” or a travel agency might offer “Plan your dream vacation”. 

These quizzes help users imagine a scenario where your product or service enhances their life, nudging them towards a decision.

3. ‘What’s Missing?’ Quiz 

This type of quiz is designed to identify something lacking in the user’s life or routine that your product or service can fulfill. 

A nutrition site might have a quiz titled “What’s missing from your diet?” or a business consultancy could feature “What’s missing in your business strategy?”. 

These quizzes are effective in creating a realization of need, paving the way for your solution to be the answer.

4. Personality Quiz

Ah, the classic.

These quizzes tap into our natural curiosity about ourselves. They often take the form of “What kind of ‘x’ are you?” quizzes. 

For instance, a fashion website might have “What’s your shoe personality?” or a tech site might ask, “What’s your tech personality type?”. 

The key here is aligning the quiz with the product or service offered.

5. ‘Do You Have What It Takes To Be An X?’ Quiz

Ideal for niches involving self-improvement or challenges. For example, a career coaching website might feature “Do you have what it takes to start an online business?”. These quizzes engage users by challenging them to see if they fit into a desirable category.

6. ‘What’s The Best Fit For You?’ Quiz

These are great for customizable products or services. Think of a college advising site asking, “Which major is right for you?” or a travel site’s “Which vacation destination is right for you?”. It helps tailor recommendations to individual needs.

7. Assessment Quiz

These can be used in any sector to assess your visitors on various factors. 

This could be from “How good are you in relationships?” to “What type of sleeper are you?”. It’s a way to provide insight while collecting valuable data for any niche.

8. Problem Diagnosis Quiz

Perfect for visitors looking to solve a specific issue. 

For example, a fitness site might have “Why aren’t you losing weight?” or a digital marketing site might offer “What’s wrong with your website’s SEO?”. These quizzes help identify a problem and suggest solutions.

9. Scored Knowledge Quiz

This tests your visitor’s knowledge on a particular topic. This could be “Test your SEO knowledge” or “What’s your Health & Fitness IQ?”. 

It’s a fun way to engage and educate your audience.

10. Product Recommendation Quiz 

Here, the quiz suggests products or services based on the user’s answers. 

If you run a skincare site you might have “Which skincare routine is best for your skin type?”. It’s a personalized shopping assistant rolled into a quiz.

11. Trivia Quiz

These are fun, light-hearted quizzes on various topics. 

They can range from pop culture to general knowledge, like “Can you name all the Oscar-winning movies of the last decade?”. 

Great for engagement and sharing.

12. ‘Which Are You?’ Quiz

Similar to personality quizzes, these are more about identifying with a group or category. 

For example, “Which famous entrepreneur are you most like?” or “Which historical figure is your leadership style similar to?”. 

It’s entertaining and enlightening at the same time.

How To Make A Lead Generation Quiz That Converts in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Pick a Quiz Type

First things first, you’ve got to decide on the type of quiz. 

This choice is crucial and should align with your brand and the interests of your audience. Are you a fitness brand? Maybe go for a ‘What’s Your Fitness Level?’ quiz. 

Selling eco-friendly products? How about a ‘Which Eco-Warrior Are You?’ quiz. 

The key here is to pick a quiz type that resonates with your audience and ties back to your products or services.

Step 2: Create the Quiz in minutes with Convertlyio AI Quiz Funnel Builder

Now, it’s time to bring your quiz to life, and Convertlyio your go-to tool for this. With its AI capabilities, creating a quiz is a breeze. 

Go to and sign up for a free account

Once you’re logged in you will be taken to your workspace. Once is already created for you named “My Workspace”, which you can rename later. 

Click on “My Workspace” and you’ll be taken inside, look at the top right click the button that says “New Quiz”

Once you click the “New Quiz” button, it will ask if you want to create a quiz with ai or manually, select with ai option

Click next, then you’ll be asked what type of quiz you want to create then it will ask what type of quiz funnel you want to create.

quiz funnel options types

For this simple example, let’s say that you own a life coaching business and you want to gather some data and insights about your audience, a Single Outcome quiz would do the job.

On the other hand, if you wanted to recommend the right life coaching program at the end of the quiz based on the answers the user selects throughout the quiz, you would select Answer-based Outcomes. 

But for this example let’s select Single Outcome as we just want to gather some data and insights about our audience.

Click the next button and you’ll be asked what kind of quiz funnel you want to create. For this example, let’s type “Create a quiz for my life coaching business to gather some data and insights about my audience.”

In this example let’s select 8 questions to be created with each having 4 answers then click “Generate”.

Give it some time to generate your quiz. Once it’s completed a popup will show with the content generated, once satisfied with the results click “Create Quiz With These Results”.

Now you will be taken to your newly created lead generation quiz. Here you can edit the questions and marketing copy to your preference. 

convertlyio lead-generation quiz funnel editor

Important: Decide on What Data You Want to Capture on the Opt-in Page

This step is all about strategizing. Once quiz-takers reach the end, what information do you want to collect? 

Typically, this includes name and email, but depending on your goals, you might want more, like a phone number or address. 

Be mindful though, asking for too much can deter people. So, balance is key. 

Think about what data will be most useful for your follow-up marketing efforts. This is where you turn a fun quiz into a powerful lead generation tool.

Step 3: Go Live

Once your quiz is set up, it’s time to go live. Click on “Publish” on the right toolbar to go live.

Now you can embed your quiz strategically on your website, maybe on the landing page, a product page, or as a pop-up. 

Monitor the performance, gather feedback, and don’t be afraid to tweak things for better engagement and conversion.

Stop Leaving Money On The Table And Start Using Lead Generation Quiz Funnels To Grow Your Business

Using them not only engages your audience but also turns them into valuable leads.

Remember, the magic lies in choosing the right quiz type, using the power of Convertlyio AI to craft your quiz, strategically deciding what data to collect, and then launching your quiz into the world for maximum conversions.

Think of your quiz as a friendly conversation starter with your potential customers.

It’s not just a tool, it’s an experience that can make your brand memorable and approachable.

The insights you gather are like puzzle pieces that, when put together, reveal the bigger picture of your customer’s needs and preferences.

It’s time to take the leap and transform your lead generation strategy.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, Convertlyio quiz funnel builder makes it easy to get up and running. Get ready to watch those leads roll in and give your sales a serious boost.

Start Getting High-Intent Leads That Convert Into Sales