6 Outgrow Alternatives To Capture High-Intent Leads

December 8, 2023

Outgrow.co Alternatives To Capture High-Intent Leads

If you want to capture those high-intent leads for your business, but you need an Outgrow alternative, this quick list will help. 

Don’t get us wrong, Outgrow is pretty good, but sometimes you just want to spread your wings and see what else is out there. 

We’re here to guide you through the strengths and weaknesses of these tools, so you can make the best choice for your needs.

6 Outgrow Alternatives To For Lead Generation

1. Convertlyio Lead Generation Quiz 

Convertlyio is a lead generation quiz funnel builder that uses AI to simplify making interactive content that captures warm leads that are ready to convert.

It focuses on using quiz funnels for generating high-quality leads and boosting sales. 

The software allows for extensive customization of quizzes to reflect your brand identity, and supports embedding quizzes anywhere on a website.


  • AI-Driven Quiz Funnel Builder: With Convertlyio’s AI, you can effortlessly create captivating quizzes that serve as perfect lead magnets, saving time on question research.
  • Simple Interface: Convertlyio offers an incredibly user-friendly quiz editor, making the process of building quizzes straightforward and enjoyable.
  • Complete Branding Control: Regardless of the plan you choose, Convertlyio lets you remove their branding, giving you full authority over your quiz’s appearance.
  • Skip Logic/Branch Logic: This feature allows you to create customized paths in each quiz, ensuring a unique and relevant experience for every participant.
  • Personalized Outcomes: Convertlyio excels in offering custom outcomes for each quiz participant, which significantly enhances the quality of leads you generate.
  • Zapier Integration: The platform’s integration with over 6,000 apps via Zapier ensures seamless data management and workflow automation.
  • Flexible Embedding Options: You can easily embed Convertlyio quizzes anywhere on your website, enhancing engagement on various site pages.
  • Frequent Feature Updates: Convertlyio continuously introduces new features and tools, keeping your lead generation strategies fresh and effective.
  • Affordable Pricing: Convertlyio’s budget-friendly nature makes it an attractive choice for businesses looking to access premium features without a hefty price tag.
  • User-Focused: The platform regularly updates and improves based on user feedback, ensuring that it remains relevant and efficient.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Convertlyio’s commitment to customer support means you get help every step of the way, from setup to understanding your analytics.


No Agency White-Labeling: While popular among agencies, Convertlyio doesn’t offer a fully white-labeled solution, which may not align with the branding needs of some users.

Not Fully Ideal for E-Commerce: Convertlyio is more suited for service-based businesses focusing on lead qualification rather than being the go-to tool for e-commerce product recommendations.


Start for free with up to 15 responses a month. When you’re ready to grow, there are three affordable pricing plans starting at just $29 a month, designed to suit different business sizes.

Thinking Convertlyio might be a good fit for your business? Sign up here for a free trial and see for yourself!

2. QuestionPro

A dynamic survey software for creating, sharing, and analyzing online surveys. 

Even though it’s not made specifically for lead generation it can be retrofitted used for that.

It’s ideal for market research, customer experience, and employee engagement, it’s user-friendly and supports a variety of question types and customizations. 

The platform offers real-time analytics and integrates with several platforms, enhancing data collection and analysis capabilities.


  • Offers instant reporting for timely data analysis
  • Supports a vast range of languages, over 100
  • User-friendly design for ease of navigation and use
  • Wide variety of question types available for surveys


  • Not built for lead generation
  • Some plans restrict the number of responses
  • Certain advanced features might be complex to utilize


QuestionPro’s pricing plans include a free ‘Essentials’ plan with basic features and limited responses. 

The ‘Advanced’ plan, at $99 per user per month, offers increased response limits and more features. A ‘Team Edition’ plan is available at $83 per user per month for teams, offering more collaborative features and higher response limits. 

There’s also a customizable ‘Research Edition’ for enterprise-grade research needs. Additional plans for specific areas like customer experience and workforce are available, with pricing upon request.

3. Cognito Forms

With this you can create forms for pretty much anything you need. Whether you’re gathering customer feedback, registering folks for events, or just need some online forms. 

It’s pretty user-friendly and comes with a bunch of neat features, like different question types and ways to personalize your forms. 

Plus, it can integrate with other platforms, which is super handy if you’re juggling multiple tools. 

It’s all about making data collection and management easier and more efficient.


  • User-friendly for easy form creation and navigation.
  • Highly customizable to fit various needs.
  • Integrates smoothly with different platforms.
  • Versatile for a wide array of data collection requirements.


  • May be complex for beginners due to feature richness.
  • Advanced features are limited to paid versions.
  • Not ideal for lead generation funnels


The ‘Individual’ plan is free, ideal for solo users, with basic features. The ‘Pro’ plan, at $15 per month, adds more entries and storage, suitable for small teams. 

The ‘Team’ plan, costing $35 monthly, expands user access and entry limits, great for larger groups. The ‘Enterprise’ plan, priced at $99 monthly, is tailored for extensive organizational needs with unlimited entries and substantial storage. 

Each tier is designed to cater to varying user requirements and scales of operation. 

4. WPForms

A WordPress focused plugin that lets you whip up responsive forms easily with a drag-and-drop setup, no coding needed.

It’s got these ready-made templates and smart logic to make your forms work smarter, not harder. 

Plus, it’s mobile-friendly so your forms look good on any device. You get instant alerts for new leads, and managing entries is a breeze. 

And if you’re into online payments or need to handle subscriptions, it’s got you covered with neat integrations.


  • Forms are mobile-friendly, ensuring ease of use on any device.
  • Offers a variety of integrations for enhanced functionality.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder makes form creation simple.
  • Extensive customization options to tailor forms as needed.
  • Equipped with smart features for efficient form performance.


  • Built only for WordPress sites
  • Can lead to slower website loading times.
  • Reliance on support for troubleshooting and assistance.
  • Initial complexity might be challenging for beginners.
  • Not the best option for interactive lead generation
  • The free version has limitations, restricting access to some features.


WPForms offers four pricing plans. The ‘Basic’ plan at $49.50 per year is for single-site use. 

The ‘Plus’ plan at $99.50 per year caters to three sites and includes more marketing integrations.

The ‘Pro’ plan, priced at $199.50 annually, is suitable for up to five sites, offering advanced features like payment integrations. 

The ‘Elite’ plan at $299.50 per year is the most comprehensive, supporting unlimited sites and including all features and add-ons. 

5. Involve.Me

This is a great tool for making interactive content, like quizzes and surveys. 

It’s great for engaging with your audience or gathering leads. The platform’s got this cool AI feature that helps with analyzing responses, and you can really tailor everything to fit your style. 

It’s a bit of a learning curve for newbies, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty awesome for connecting with customers or your community. 


  • Ideal for creating interactive quizzes and surveys.
  • Features AI-driven analytics for better insights.
  • Highly customizable to match individual styles.


  • A steep learning curve for new users.
  • Handling the vast amount of collected data can be daunting.
  • The pricing might be steep for those with on a budget


Involve.me offers various pricing plans, each catering to different needs and scales of use. 

The ‘Free’ plan allows for basic usage with limited submissions and storage. 

The ‘Basic’ plan, starting at $49 per month, increases the submission limit and adds features like more AI credits and email invites. 

For more extensive needs, the ‘Pro’ plan, at $99 per month, offers increased submissions, AI credits, and additional user access. 

The ‘Business’ plan, priced at $199 per month, further expands these features and is suited for larger teams or businesses. 

Additionally, there’s an ‘Enterprise’ plan with customized features and support for larger organizations

6. Formaloo

Formaloo offers a no-code platform that empowers you to effortlessly craft data-centric applications and tools. 

Without needing any coding expertise, you can create forms, databases, and even automate interactions. 

This platform streamlines the process of collecting, organizing, and interpreting data, making it a perfect match for businesses big and small that are looking to enhance their data management and engagement processes.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Forms and surveys can be tailored to specific needs
  • Comprehensive data analysis tools
  • Meets data protection standards
  • Adaptable for different business sizes


  • Some aspects of customization can be intricate
  • Not specifically built for quiz funnel lead generation 

What’s The Best Outgrow Alternative For Lead Generation?

If your ultimate goal is to generate high-intent leads for your business, Convertlyio deserves a special place on your radar. 

With its AI-driven quiz maker, intuitive interface, and many customization options, it simplifies the process of creating engaging quizzes that not only capture leads but also provide valuable insights.

What sets Convertlyio apart is its user-centric development and outstanding customer support.

Create an free account here.

Give it a try today and watch your high-intent leads pour in. Your business deserves nothing less.

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