93 Game-Changing Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas For New Agents

November 13, 2023

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for New Agents

Starting as a new real estate agent can be tough, if you don’t experiment.

By experiment, I mean testing out various marketing strategies to get new highly leads that convert.

If you are ready to fill up your lead pipeline but not sure where to start, this guide will give you ideas to test out.

Let’s jump in.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas To Get Fresh New Leads

how to generate leads in real estate as a new agent

1. Host Local Virtual Open Houses

In a world where convenience is king, virtual open houses can be a massive win. 

Use a 360-degree camera to create an immersive experience. 

For instance, live stream your open house on social media platforms and engage with viewers in real-time, answering questions and highlighting features just as you would in person.

2. Leverage Local Networking Events

Your local chamber of commerce events are gold mines for leads. 

Attend regularly, participate actively, and always follow up. For example, after meeting someone, drop them a personalized email with a bit about how your services can help them specifically.

3. Create a Niche Blog For Your Local Area

A blog can be a powerful tool, especially when you carve out a local niche. 

If you’re in an area with historic homes, become the go-to expert on them. 

Write posts that showcase your knowledge and how it benefits buyers and sellers of these unique properties.

4. Partner with Local Businesses

Team up with local businesses to offer promotions to new homeowners. 

This not only provides value to your clients but also gets your name out in the community. 

Imagine a “Welcome Home” package with coupons and gifts from local vendors that you provide at closing.

5. Offer Free Workshops

Educational workshops on the home buying process can establish you as a knowledgeable agent. 

Host these events at local community centers and advertise on social media. 

Tailor your workshops to different segments, such as first-time homebuyers or those looking to downsize.

6. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a casual way to show your personality and listings. 

Do a “day in the life” series or showcase new listings with quick virtual tours. Add local hashtags to increase visibility.

7. Engage with Local Facebook Groups

Join local Facebook groups and become an active community member. 

Share your expertise without overtly selling your services. 

When someone asks for recommendations on moving services, provide helpful advice and mention your guide on a stress-free moving process available on your website.

8. Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

Research keywords that potential clients in your area are searching for and create content around those topics. 

If “waterfront homes in [Your Area]” is a popular search, write an informative blog post about the pros and cons of waterfront property ownership.

9. Develop a Referral Program

Referrals are the lifeblood of real estate. 

Implement a referral program that rewards past clients for sending new business your way. 

For instance, offer a gift card or a discount on future services for every referral that leads to a consultation.

10. Connect with local leaders on LinkedIn

Connect with local business owners, past clients, and other real estate professionals. 

Share insightful articles and market updates regularly. 

Post a monthly market analysis and engage with those who comment to establish your expertise.

11. Tap into the Power of Video Marketing

Video content has a higher engagement rate than other types of content. 

Create property walkthrough videos, client testimonial compilations, and “about me” videos to introduce yourself to potential clients. 

Share these on YouTube and your social channels.

12. Get Involved in Community Service

Volunteering for a local cause not only gives back to the community but also puts you in touch with potential clients. 

Organize or sponsor community events and make sure your agency’s signage is visible. 

This builds trust and recognition.

13. Use Google Ads Campaigns

Use Google Ads to target specific search terms related to real estate in your area. 

Craft compelling ad copy that addresses the searcher’s intent. 

Target the keyword “homes for sale in [Your Area]” with an ad for your curated list of hot properties.

14. Host Home Seller Seminars

Offer free seminars on how to sell a home in your local area. 

Cover pricing strategies, staging tips, and the listing process. 

Record these seminars and use them as lead magnets on your website.

15. Use High-Quality Print Materials

Despite the digital age, high-quality print materials like brochures, flyers, and business cards can still make an impact. 

Distribute these in local businesses or at events with a call-to-action leading to your online resources.

16. Partner with Local Influencers

Team up with local influencers to showcase properties or to highlight your services. 

Their endorsement can lend credibility and expose your brand to a broader audience. Have an influencer take over your Instagram for a day to show a property in a unique light.

17. Use Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns

Send out postcards or newsletters to targeted neighborhoods or demographics. Personalize messages based on the area’s needs and interests. 

For example, if you’re targeting a family-friendly neighborhood, highlight nearby schools and parks.

18. Create a Strong Brand Identity

A strong, recognizable brand can help you stand out. 

Make sure your brand reflects your unique value proposition and is consistent across all platforms. Use the same color scheme and logo on your website, social media profiles, and print materials.

19. Engage with Local Real Estate Forums Online

Contribute to online forums where potential clients may have questions about buying or selling homes. 

Offer your knowledge without asking for anything in return. This can establish you as a helpful resource and top-of-mind when they need an agent.

20. Offer a Home Valuation Tool

Provide a free tool on your website where homeowners can get an estimate of their home’s value. 

Use this as a lead capture mechanism by requiring an email address to receive the full report.

21. Create an Local Email Newsletter

Start a regular email newsletter filled with market insights, new listings, and home maintenance tips. 

Make it visually appealing and easy to read. 

Include a “Featured Property of the Week” section and local real estate news to keep subscribers engaged and informed.

22. Collaborate with Local Artists

Host an art show at a new listing. 

It’s a unique way to showcase a home and support local artists. 

Invite potential buyers to the event for an evening of art, which also gives them a chance to envision the property as their own home.

23. Start a Podcast for your local area or state

Podcasts are a great way to reach a new audience. 

Start a real estate podcast discussing trends, tips, and interviews with industry experts. 

Discuss the benefits of living in your area and feature interviews with local business owners.

24. Offer Moving Day Assistance

Differentiate yourself by offering a moving day service. 

Partner with a local moving company to provide discounted rates for your clients. 

This not only adds value but also creates a memorable experience that clients are likely to share with friends and family.

25. Become a Guest Blogger on popular local sites

Write articles for popular local blogs. 

Share your expertise on topics relevant to buyers and sellers in your market. 

You can write a piece on “5 Things to Look for in a New Neighborhood” and include a call-to-action back to your website.

26. Host Financial Planning Seminars

Team up with financial experts to offer seminars on real estate investment or financial planning for homeownership. 

It’s an excellent way to provide value and meet potential clients. 

Plus, it positions you as a resourceful agent who’s connected to experts.

27. Use Remarketing Ads

Implement remarketing ads to target individuals who have visited your website but didn’t convert. 

Tailor your ads to show them the properties they viewed or similar listings. 

If someone spent time on a listing page, your ad could remind them to schedule a viewing.

28. Develop a mobile App for your local area

Invest in developing a user-friendly app where clients can search listings, schedule showings, and receive notifications about new homes on the market. 

Make it interactive and easy to use, which can set you apart from competitors.

29. Host Community Classes

Offer classes that can benefit the community, like home improvement, gardening, or interior design. 

Host these classes at your listings to subtly showcase the homes. 

This approach not only positions you as an involved agent but also brings potential buyers directly to your properties.

30. Create a Loyalty Program

For clients who have used your services, offer a loyalty program that provides discounts on future transactions or services. 

Offer a free home valuation every year or a discount on their next home’s closing costs.

31. Start using Drone Photography

Use drone photography to create captivating aerial shots of your listings. 

This can provide a unique perspective and highlight features of the property that might not be visible from the ground. 

Share these images on your website and social media to attract attention.

32. Offer a local Home Buyers Checklist

Create a comprehensive checklist for first-time homebuyers and offer it for free on your website. 

Require an email sign-up to download. 

This checklist can help guide them through the process and establishes you as a helpful resource.

33. Conduct Local Market Surveys

Conduct surveys about the local real estate market and publish the findings. 

This can provide valuable insights to both buyers and sellers while showcasing your dedication to understanding the market at a deeper level.

34. Organize a Neighborhood Tour

Organize a tour of the neighborhood where you have several listings. 

This can be a fun event for potential buyers to get to know the area and see multiple homes in one go. 

Partner with local businesses to provide refreshments or entertainment along the way.

35. Provide a Home Warranty

Offer a home warranty as part of the purchase to give buyers peace of mind. 

This can be a deciding factor for buyers on the fence and can increase the chances of a sale.

36. Follow local leaders on twitter and share your expertise

Use Twitter to share quick tips, market stats, and links to your listings or blog posts. 

Engage with local hashtags and join real estate chats. 

If there’s a trending topic about housing in your area, join the conversation with your professional insights.

37. Offer Exclusive Listings Previews

Give your subscribers the first look at new listings before they hit the market. 

This creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency. 

Set up an email alert system that sends out new listings to your subscribers 24 hours before they are listed publicly.

38. Create an FAQ Video Series

Produce a series of short videos answering common real estate questions. 

This not only helps in SEO but also establishes your expertise. 

Share these videos across social media platforms and your website.

39. Run a Contest or Giveaway

Host a contest or giveaway with a desirable prize related to home improvement or real estate. 

Use this as an opportunity to gather leads by requiring participants to sign up with their email address. 

You could give away a free home staging consultation.

40. Attend Real Estate Auctions

Auctions are excellent for meeting serious buyers and sellers. 

Attend these events, network, and hand out your business cards. 

You might meet someone who’s looking to buy or sell outside of the auction setting.

41. Create a Client Appreciation Program

Show appreciation for current and past clients with a program that offers annual check-ins, home maintenance tips, or even anniversary gifts. 

This keeps you in their minds and increases the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

42. Use Chatbots on Your Website

Implement a chatbot on your website to engage visitors 24/7. 

Program it to answer common questions and to capture lead information. 

For example, it can offer to schedule showings or send more detailed information on listings.

43. Write an Ebook for your local area

Write an informative ebook on a topic like “The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Home” and use it as a lead magnet. 

Promote it across your marketing channels and require an email sign-up for a free download.

44. Use Pinterest for Property Photos

Pinterest is a visual search engine that’s perfect for showcasing beautiful property photos, infographics, and other helpful resources. 

Create boards for different property types and decor inspiration to attract potential buyers.

45. Create Interactive Content

Develop interactive content such as quizzes that can help potential buyers determine what kind of home they’re looking for. 

This engaging content can be shared on social media and can lead users to your website.

46. Host a “Meet the Agent” Webinar

Host webinars where potential clients can ask questions and get to know you. 

This builds trust and gives you a platform to share your expertise in real estate.

47. Use Local Billboards

Renting billboard space in high-traffic areas can increase brand visibility. 

Ensure your billboard design is eye-catching and includes a clear call-to-action.

48. Volunteer as a Guest Speaker

Offer to speak at local schools, community colleges, or business events about real estate and homeownership. 

This can help establish you as a community figure and an expert in your field.

49. Organize a First-Time Homebuyers’ Club

Start a club that meets monthly to discuss the steps of buying a home, mortgage options, and market trends. 

Provide valuable insights and become the go-to agent for these potential buyers.

50. Sponsor Local Sports Teams

Sponsoring local sports teams can increase your visibility in the community. 

Your agency’s name on uniforms and banners means families and fans see your brand regularly.

51. Leverage LinkedIn Articles

Publish articles on LinkedIn to share your expertise and market insights. 

This professional network can help you reach a new audience, including potential investors.

52. Develop a Strong Yelp Profile

Many people rely on Yelp reviews to choose services. 

Ask satisfied clients to leave reviews, and respond professionally to any negative feedback.

53. Use Retargeting Strategies on Facebook

Implement Facebook retargeting ads to show your listings to people who have previously visited your website but didn’t contact you.

54. Create a YouTube channel for you local area

Start a YouTube channel focused on real estate education, market updates, and property tours. 

Use SEO strategies to improve visibility and drive traffic to your website.

55. Write for Real Estate Magazines

Contribute articles to real estate magazines to showcase your knowledge and reach a broader audience. 

Include a bio with contact information to drive leads back to you.

56. Provide Moving Day Checklists

Create detailed checklists for moving day and distribute them to clients and prospects. 

This practical tool can be a lifesaver for clients and reinforces your value as an agent.

57. Engage with Online Community Calendars

Post your open houses and events on online community calendars to reach locals who might be interested in buying or selling a home.

58. Offer a ‘New to the Neighborhood’ Guide

Create guides for new residents with information on local services, schools, and entertainment. 

This can be a great closing gift and a useful resource that gets shared.

59. Get listed on Google My Business

Optimize your Google My Business listing with up-to-date information, photos, and posts to improve local SEO and attract leads who are searching for real estate agents near them.

60. Share Client Success Stories

With permission, share stories of clients who have successfully bought or sold homes with you. 

This can be a blog post, video, or social media content that resonates with potential clients.

61. Host Lifestyle Events at Listings

Showcase luxury properties by hosting events that match the lifestyle the home promotes. 

A wine and cheese night at an upscale listing can attract high-end buyers.

62. Create a Series of local-focused Buying/Selling Guides

Produce comprehensive guides for different stages of the buying and selling process. 

Offer these as free downloads in exchange for contact information.

63. Implement a SMS Marketing Campaign

With consent, use text message marketing to send quick updates about new listings or price changes. Make sure it’s personalized and provides real value to the recipient.

64. TikTok for Real Estate Local Visibility

TikTok has become a hotbed for viral content. Create short, engaging videos showcasing property sneak-peeks, humorous takes on real estate, or quick home-buying tips. 

Use popular hashtags and challenges to boost visibility. 

Participate in a trending challenge by tying it back to real estate with a creative twist.

65. Stage a Community Cleanup Event

Organize a community cleanup day in a neighborhood where you have listings. 

It’s a wonderful way to meet residents, show your commitment to the community, and subtly promote your services. 

Plus, it makes for great social media content.

66. Offer a Property Tax Seminar

Property taxes can be confusing for many homeowners. 

Offer a seminar that explains how they are calculated and provide tips for potential savings. 

This positions you as an agent who adds value beyond the sale.

67. Create an Augmented Reality App

Develop an augmented reality (AR) app that lets users visualize potential home improvements in your listings. 

It’s a tech-savvy way to engage clients and help them see the potential in properties.

68. Start a Real Estate Book Club

Launch a book club focused on real estate and personal finance books. 

It’s a unique way to network, share knowledge, and position yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

69. Organize Seasonal Festivities at Your Listings

Host seasonal events at your listings, like a Halloween haunted house or a Christmas light display. It draws attention to the property and provides a fun experience for the community.

70. Real Estate Fantasy League

Create a fantasy real estate league where participants can “pick” properties they think will sell quickly. 

It’s a playful way to engage potential clients and keep your listings top of mind.

71. Start a Home Swap Program

Initiate a program that helps clients looking to downsize or relocate by connecting them with others in opposite situations. 

It’s a creative way to cater to client needs and generate high-intent leads.

72. Use QR Codes for Instant Information

Place QR codes on your signage and print materials that lead to a landing page with more information about the listing or your services. 

It’s an easy way for prospects to learn more on the go.

73. Real Estate Advice Column

Write an advice column in your local newspaper or online publication answering real estate questions. 

Readers can submit their queries, and you provide expert advice, increasing your credibility and exposure.

74. Host a Virtual Reality (VR) House-Hunting Adventure

Using VR headsets, provide a virtual house-hunting experience that can take clients through multiple homes from the comfort of your office. 

This tech-forward approach can save time and make the search process more convenient.

75. Create a Home Features Wish List Service

Develop a service on your website where buyers can list features they want in a home. 

Match them with listings that fit their criteria as they become available, offering a personalized touch to their home search.

76. Neighborhood History Tours

Organize walking tours that delve into the history of the neighborhoods where you have listings. 

It’s a great way to show off the cultural value of the area and appeal to history buffs who may be looking for a home.

77. Real Estate Caravans

Start a “real estate caravan” where you take a group of potential buyers on a tour of several homes in a single day. 

It’s like an open house road trip that creates a sense of adventure and community among potential buyers.

78. Launch a Home Design Contest

Hold a contest inviting locals to submit design ideas for a home you’re selling. 

It gets the community involved and invested in the property, plus the winning design could be implemented to increase the home’s appeal.

79. Create a Virtual Renovation Tool

Offer a virtual tool on your website where users can upload photos of their homes and experiment with different renovation ideas. 

It can help sellers consider improvements to increase their home’s value and buyers to envision potential changes.

80. “Day in the Neighborhood” Experience

Offer a “Day in the Neighborhood” package where potential buyers can spend a day in the community they’re considering. 

Include meal vouchers from local eateries, passes to the community center, and a temporary gym membership.

81. Collaborate with Local Cafés for Coffee House Chats

Set up informal meet-and-greets at local coffee shops where you can discuss the real estate market, answer questions, and offer advice in a relaxed setting.

82. Real Estate Investor Meetups

Organize meetups for new and seasoned real estate investors. 

It’s a space for education, sharing investment opportunities, and networking, which can lead to investor clients looking to purchase multiple properties.

83. Property Swap Marketplace

Create an online marketplace for property swaps, targeting those who want to trade up or downsize without the traditional buying and selling process. 

This could appeal to a niche market and generate unique leads.

84. Launch a Home Renovation Series

Create a series of social media posts or blog articles documenting a home renovation project. 

This can engage your audience and show your expertise in property improvement and the added value it can bring to a home.

85. Host a “Future of the Neighborhood” Town Hall

Organize a town hall meeting to discuss future developments in the neighborhood. 

This is a chance to inform potential buyers about the growth and potential of the area and position yourself as a knowledgeable insider.

86. Offer Eco-Friendly Home Audits

Provide a service where you assess how eco-friendly a client’s potential or current home is and offer advice on green improvements. 

This unique value-add service can appeal to environmentally-conscious buyers and sellers.

87. Host “Home Buying 101” Webinars for Recent Graduates

Tailor webinars to recent college graduates who are first-time homebuyers. 

Cover topics like the importance of credit, the basics of a mortgage, and how to get started in the home buying process.

88. Develop a “Hidden Gems” Blog Series

Write a series of blog posts on “hidden gem” neighborhoods or properties in your area. 

Highlight the benefits of these lesser-known areas, their potential for growth, and available properties.

89. Organize a Local Real Estate Investment Challenge

Create a challenge or competition where participants develop a hypothetical real estate investment portfolio. Offer your expertise to guide them and award prizes for the most innovative or strategic portfolio.

90. Create an Online Real Estate Investment Course

Develop a comprehensive online course on real estate investment tailored to your local market. 

This can attract potential investors and position you as the go-to expert for those looking to invest in property.

91. Implement a “Try Before You Buy” Program

Coordinate with sellers to offer potential buyers a chance to spend a night in the home they’re interested in. 

This unique experience could be the final push a buyer needs to make a decision.

93. Run a “Design Your Dream Home” Contest

Host a contest where participants submit their dream home designs. 

The winner gets a consultation with a local architect or designer, and you gain insight into what buyers are looking for in your area.

Implementing these strategies involves a mix of creativity, technology, and community involvement. 

Remember, it’s not just about the number of leads but the quality and the relationships you build along the way. 

Whether it’s through the virality of TikTok or the personal touch of a book club, these real estate lead generation ideas can help you stand out in a crowded market. 

Start Getting High-Intent Leads That Convert Into Sales