6 LeadQuizzes Alternatives To Attract Hot-N-Ready Leads

December 11, 2023

LeadQuizzes Alternatives

If you’re looking for LeadQuizzes alternatives to reel in those sizzling hot leads, this quick list will guide you in the right direction.

The truth is, LeadQuizzes might not be the perfect fit for everyone. 

Whether it’s a matter of functionality or budget alignment, don’t worry there are plenty of other options out there. 

You’re bound to find something on this list that suits your needs just right.

We’re looking into these tools that are just perfect for catching the attention of your potential customers. Each one has its own unique flair for attracting and engaging leads. 

The LeadQuizzes Alternatives For Filling Your Funnel With Ready-To-Buy Leads

1. Convertlyio

This tool doesn’t try to be the everything quiz builder for every use case.

It was built for one thing and that is generating high-intent leads from your traffic.

Think of it as your go-to tool for creating quiz funnels that not only engage your audience but also gather valuable insights about them. 

It’s like having a conversation with your website visitors, but in quiz form. 

And the best part? You can customize these quizzes to fit your brand style perfectly. 

Convertlyio stands out for lead generation because it offers a more engaging and interactive way to connect with potential customers. 

It not only captures attention but also gathers insightful data about each lead. 

This data can then be used to make your marketing efforts more precise. 


  • Effortlessly create engaging AI-driven quizzes for lead generation
  • User-friendly quiz editor simplifies quiz building
  • Full control over quiz branding across all plans
  • Customized paths in quizzes with skip or branch logic
  • Offers personalized outcomes for each quiz participant
  • Integrates with over 6,000 apps via Zapier for data management
  • Quizzes can be easily embedded on various website pages
  • Regularly updates features based on user feedback
  • Affordable pricing for accessing premium features
  • Exceptional customer support


  • Lacks a fully white-labeled solution for agency use
  • Not the most suitable tool for e-commerce product recommendations


Convertlyio pricing starts at $29/month and gives you access to all features. You can sign up for a free account here and give it a test run!

2.  Thrive Quiz Builder

It’s a very popular quiz creation plugin for WordPress. 

This tool simplifies the creation of quizzes, eliminating the need for any coding skills.

The plugin offers five unique quiz types, including true/false, numeric, percentage-based, personality, and survey quizzes. 

Thrive Quiz Builder

Users have the flexibility to craft quizzes from the ground up or leverage pre-designed templates for a quicker start.

The intuitive quiz builder interface allows for easy organization of questions and answers, ensuring a smooth and logical quiz flow tailored to your preference.


  • User-Friendly interface
  • Offers various quiz formats like personality, survey, and more
  • Simplifies quiz creation without needing coding skills
  • Availability of templates for quick quiz setup
  • Includes opt-in gates for email list building


  • Only usable with WordPress websites
  • It’s a paid plugin no free trial
  • Some features might be overwhelming for beginners
  • Potential issues with certain WordPress themes or plugins
  • May have limitations in customizing quiz aesthetics


Thrive Quiz Builder is available in two pricing options. The standalone plugin is priced at $69 per year, marked down from its original price of $199. 

This option includes one license and is ideal for existing sites that want to add quiz functionality. 

Alternatively, Thrive Suite, priced at $209 per year, offers a comprehensive suite of integrated plugins including Thrive Quiz Builder. 

3. Quizlet


Quizlet is an online learning tool that offers various study modes and games to help students learn new material. 

It enhances learning through activities like matching games, quizzes, and time-based challenges. 

It’s particularly popular among students for its versatility in studying languages, sciences, arts, and other subjects. 

The platform supports collaborative learning, allowing users to share study materials and work together.


  • Ideal for educators with features like flashcards, games, and dynamic tests to keep students engaged both in and out of the classroom
  • Acts as a study aid allowing students to use and create their own materials for revision
  • Time-saving AI features aid in quick material creation and converting notes into flashcards
  • Supports over 15 languages, making it great for language teachers or classes with students from diverse backgrounds
  • User-friendly interface for creating flashcards and tests


  • The free version includes ads that might distract students
  • Risk of encountering incorrect information as any user can create and share study sets
  • Potential for cheating among students who might share answers via Quizlet
  • Limited functionality if the sole purpose is teaching, not as suitable for businesses looking to generate leads


Quizlet doesn’t offer a free plan, but it does provide a 7-day free trial for users to explore its features. 

For those interested in subscribing to Quizlet Plus, the service is available at $35.99 annually or $7.99 monthly, giving users access to the full range of advanced tools and features offered by Quizlet.

4. LearnDash Quizzes 

It’s designed to help users create, manage, and sell online courses directly from their WordPress website. 

The tool offers a range of features for course creation, including the ability to add lessons, topics, quizzes, and assignments. 

It’s well-suited for educational institutions, trainers, and anyone looking to offer e-learning.


  • Offers extensive LMS features for managing courses and e-learning products
  • Allows customization to align courses and quizzes with your brand
  • Integrates smoothly with existing WordPress websites and themes


  • Dependent on WordPress as result not suitable if you don’t use WordPress
  • Focused on educational courses rather than lead generation through quizzes
  • While it offers great value as an LMS, it might be costly if you only need quiz functionality


The Basic Plan, at $159 per year, includes essential features and a single site license. The Plus Plan, priced at $189 per year, extends to 10 site licenses and adds the ProPanel feature for enhanced analytics. 

The Pro Plan, at $329 per year, offers the ProPanel feature and up to 25 site licenses, catering to larger organizations. 

5. JotForm

It is popular among educators and individuals who need to collect data efficiently and effectively. 

JotForm has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which makes creating forms a breeze, even for those without any technical expertise. 

Users can choose from a variety of templates covering everything from contact forms and surveys to event registrations and payment collections, ensuring there’s something for virtually every need.

You can tweak nearly every aspect of your form, from fonts and colors to the layout, aligning it perfectly with your brand or personal style. 


  • JotForm offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies form creation, making it accessible even for beginners.
  • The platform allows extensive customization, enabling users to incorporate their own branding elements like logos, fonts, and colors into forms.
  • JotForm has many integrations, facilitating the automated transfer of data to various other business applications.
  • It excels in processing online payments, offering a smooth and efficient method for various transaction types.


  • The free version of JotForm comes with certain restrictions, including limits on the number of form submissions and access to features.
  • Some users might find the more advanced features and integrations a bit complex and challenging to navigate.
  • In its free version, forms display JotForm branding, which may not align with the preferences of all users.
  • Users might experience performance issues or slower loading times with particularly complex or lengthy forms.
  • The support provided by JotForm can vary in terms of response times and the extent of assistance offered.


Its “Bronze” plan starts at $39/month and all the way up to enterprise which is custom pricing.

6. PointerPro Quiz 

This tool primarily focused on survey creation and data collection. While it can be used for making quizzes, its features in this area are somewhat limited compared to its robust survey functionalities. 

The software is designed to cater more to internal training and development within organizations, providing detailed data reports and analyses. 

It allows for various types of assessments and surveys, and on higher-tier plans, offers the ability to download customized PDF reports. 

PointerPro includes white-label options, enabling users to fully customize the branding of their surveys or quizzes.


  • Offers a variety of survey and assessment types, particularly beneficial for internal training and operations
  • High-tier plans include the option to download custom PDF reports of results
  • Features white-label capabilities, allowing full branding customization


  • Some users experience a learning curve due to a less intuitive interface compared to other quiz and survey tools
  • Limited integration options, with full external database connectivity only in the highest-priced plans
  • Starting at £55.34/month, the cost can be steep, especially for small businesses, as essential features like downloadable PDFs are not included in the base plan
  • More suited for large companies focused on internal processes such as training, rather than for lead generation purposes

Pick The Right LeadQuizzes Alternative For Lead Generation

Choosing the best LeadQuizzes alternative boils down to what you’re aiming for. 

You’ve seen that these tools cover a variety of bases, from surveys to classroom stuff. But if your heart’s set on a full-blown quiz funnel, then Convertlyio is the way to go. 

It’s specifically built to fill your funnel with leads that convert and nothing else. 

Create your free account here!

Start Getting High-Intent Leads That Convert Into Sales